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Poster session
Friday, April 12, 12:30 - 2:00 pm
North Cloisters
P1 "We might have many disagreements within, but for outside we go with one position": Swiss Policy Actors in the Global Forum on Migration and Development 2011
Anna Babel
University of Zurich, Switzerland
P2 A Waste of Refugees' and other Migrants' Talent? The Employment Gap in the Netherlands.
Linda Bakker
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
P3 Smoke and Mirrors: How an Allegedly Inclusionary Program Perpetuates an Exclusionary Discourse
Raluca Bejan
University of Toronto, Canada
P4 What makes them successful? A follow up study of unaccompanied refugee girls from Somalia in Sweden
Magdalena Bjerneld*, Nima Ismail
Uppsala University, Sweden
P5 Dietary Assimilation and Health among Immigrant Groups
Pratikshya Bohra-Mishra*, Douglas S. Massey
Princeton University, USA
P6 The Role of Source- and Host-Country Characteristics in Female Immigrant Labor Supply
Julia Bredtmann*1,2, Sebastian Otten1,2
1Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, 2RWI Essen, Germany
P7 Over-education among A8 migrants in the UK
Stuart Campbell
Institute of Education, University of London, UK
P8 Ethnic Discrimination in the London Market for Shared Accommodation
Magnus Carlsson*1, Stefan Eriksson2
1Linnaeus University, Sweden, 2Uppsala University, Sweden
P9 Irregular Russian Immigrants in Germany: A “Protection with Consequences” Approach to Protection Against Discrimination and Exploitation
Paul Becker0,2, Elaine Dewhurst*1
1Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Germany, 2Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany
P10 Eastern European migrant workers and the Danish labour market
Ruth Emerek*, Anja Kirkeby
Aalborg University, Denmark
P11 Contemporary Polish migrants and their transnational identities.
Marcin Galent
Jagiellonian University, Poland
P12 Racist and sexist? Nigerian, Albanian and Italian women interpret the migrant women’s visual representation constructed by the Italian news press.    
Luigi Gariglio1,2
1Università degli studi di Torino, Italy, 2Università degli studi di Milano, Italy
P13 Migration experience, aspirations and occupational choice: A theoretical model of the brain drain
Toni Glaser*1, Gerald Willmann3, Marcus Böhme2
1KU Leuven, Belgium, 2IfW Kiel, Germany, 3Universität Bielefeld, Germany
P14 Building a Criminal Career: Peer Effects among Young Immigrants and Natives in Sentencing Facilities
Cedric Gorinas*, Anna Piil Damm
Aarhus University, Department of Economics, Denmark
P15 The Concept of ‘Home’; conceptual reproduction, repetition and doubling within photographicpractice.
Ailbhe Greaney
University of Ulster, UK
P16 Logitudinal Survey of Immigrant Human and Social Capital Investments After Migration: A Proposal
Guilherme Chihaya Da Silva0,2, Tristan Ivory*1
1Stanford University, USA, 2Umeå Universitet, Sweden
P17 Rethinking Migration-Development: Reflections on the South Korea Case  
Nora Kim
Univ. of Mary Washington, USA
P18 Residential segregation and labour market outcomes of Roma in Serbia
Lara Lebedinski1,2
1Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 2Bocconi University, Italy
P19 Migration and Female Labor Partecipation
Elisabetta Lodigiani
Università di Milano, Italy
P20 The Time Pattern of  Remittances and the Decay Hypothesis: Evidence from Migrants living in South Africa
Daniel Makina*, Andries Masenge
University of South Africa, South Africa
P21 The Impact of Immigration Policy on the Education-Occupation Mismatch in Austria
Natalia Malancu
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
P22 Don't stand so close to me: the urban impact of immigration
Antonio Accetturo, Francesco Manaresi*, Sauro Mocetti, Elisabetta Olivieri
Bank of Italy, Italy
P23 Deciding to Urban-migrate: Evidence from the MiDA intervention zones
Robert Darko Osei, Isaac Osei-Akoto, Eric Mochiah*
University of Ghana, Ghana
P24 Immigration movement for Brazil in the 21st century
Gilda Amaral C Momo
Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
P25 Intergenerational Religious Mobility: An Evidence from Britain and Germany
Metin Nebiler
European University Institue, Italy
P26 International Migration and Trade Agreements: the new role of PTAs
Gianluca Orefice
CEPII, France
P27 Migrant workers and the Dutch disease
Gry Tengmark Østenstad1,2
1Department of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway, 2Centre of Equality, Social Organization and Performance (ESOP), Norway
P28 The Immigrant / Native Wealth Gap in Germany,Italy and Luxembourg
Thomas Mathä1, Alessandro Porpiglia*1, Eva Sierminska1,2
1Central Bank of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg
P29 Are Third Culture Kids Rewarded in the US Labor Market?
Susan Pozo
Western Michigan University, USA
P30 Does Early Educational Tracking Increase Native-Migrant Achievement Gaps? Difference-In-Differences Evidence Across Countries
Jens Ruhose*, Guido Schwerdt
Ifo Institute - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich, Germany
P31 Immigrant concentration in schools: Consequences for native and migrant students
Nicole Schneeweis
Johannes Kepler University, Austria
P32 Sickness absence differences between natives and immigrant workers:The role of differences in self-reported health 
Idunn Brekke, Pål Schøne*
Institute for social research, Norway
P33 The migrant experiences of Mumbai's M East slum communities
Shivani Singh*1,2, David Osrin1,2, Sushmita Das0,2, Ujwala Bapat0,2, Mahesh Rajguru0,2, Glyn Alcock1,2, Neena Shah More0,2
1University College London, UK, 2SNEHA - Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action, India
P34 Intergenerational support in families of elderly migrants from the former Soviet Union in Germany
Elena Sommer*1, Claudia Vogel0,2
1University of Vechta, Germany, 2German Centre for Gerontology, Germany
P35 Employing immigrant teachers: a promising way to deal with diversity issues in Germanys schools?
Josef Strasser*, Leonie Herwartz-Emden, Wiebke Waburg
University of Augsburg, Germany
P36 Forced up or down? The impact of forced migration on social status
Carlos Vargas-Silva*1, Isabel Ruiz1, Melissa Siegel0
1University of Oxford, UK, 2Maastricht University, The Netherlands
P37 Migrants’ unemployment: a challenge for welfare state
Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir, Helga Ólafs, Anna Wojtynska*
University of Iceland, Iceland
P38 Schools and Neighborhoods: Residential Location Choice of Immigrant Parents in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Yi Zhan
University of California, San Diego, USA