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Session B11: Impact of Immigration on the Receiving Communities
Thursday, April 11, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Wilkins Garden Room
Chair: Tiiu Paas
90 Immigrants’ attitudes towards homosexuality: Religion, socialisation, and acculturation
Antje Röder1,2
1Trinity College, Ireland, 2Institute for International Integration Studies, Ireland
91 The Role of UK Asylum Policy Reinforcing Discipline in the International Reserve Army of Labour 1999-2010
Tom Vickers
Northumbria University, UK
92 The impact of skilled non-EU migration on the UK housing market
Christine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon*, Ian Gordon, Tony Travers
London School of Economics, UK
93 Is institutional trust related to better attitudes towards immigrants? A study of majority and minority populations in Europe
Tartu University, Estonia