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Session A08: Migration and Skill Formation - 2
Wednesday, April 10, 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Cruciform Foyer 101 Seminar Room 1
Chair: Per Engzell
29 Duration of residence and language proficiency
Meenakshi Parameshwaran
University of Oxford, UK
30 Language proficiency and media usage among recent immigrants to the Netherlands
Mérove Gijsberts*1, Marcel Lubbers2
1the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Netherlands, 2Radboud University, The Netherlands
31 Unfulfilled Hopes? The Impact of Educational Aspirations on Students' Well-Being in Germany
Irena Kogan, Manuel Siegert*
University of Mannheim, Germany
32 Misreport and Non-Response Bias in Estimates of Socioeconomic and Ethnic Gradients in Schooling: Linking Pupil Reports, Parental Reports, and Registers
Per Engzell*1, Jan O. Jonsson2,1
1Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, Sweden, 2Nuffield College, Oxford University, UK